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#353 Geetha East or West, Home is Best!

While sounds of music and dancing bells fill my soul.


The glow of the sun blends with the sheen of darkness.

Hope and dreams carry me through the silvery night

To the chirping birds….welcoming the dawn in the magical land of India.

Colours splash.. and fragrance of jasmine fills the air...

While sounds of music and dancing bells fill my soul.

In the distance, I hear a call from the pearl of the orient.

I discover huge ferns swaying to the strong aroma of the durian,

Making me swing in silky sarong to the Ramli’s soothing song,

Until my tide turned...bringing me to the dales of Yorkshire.

As the Daffodils swayed their golden heads to welcome me,

Soon the scent of roses filled the air mingling with the cooing birds.

Seasons flew blending me with the cool breeze.

The long road I travelled felt weary yet wonderful.

I was lost in reflection and revelation

Of home, which kept me safe in many lands.

I whisper a gentle prayer as the candle flickered,

And say with grace and gratitude -

Bless the land and home of all,

Here, there and everywhere.